Make no mistake about it, unranked accounts can help you get an upper hand at League of Legends. There’s a reason why this market exists.

Make no mistake about it, people from all over the world can and do fill in forms to create accounts at League of Legends. They don’t need help with that.

If you think that people are just buying accounts for League of Legends because they don’t have the time, energy or motivation to do so, then you are seriously mistaken.

The reason why people buy unranked accounts is because they want to gain a competitive advantage. That is the bottom line.

A lot of people give you all sorts of guesses. A lot of people will give you all sorts of reasons and excuses, but the bottom line is, people buy unranked accounts because it gives them some sort of competitive advantage.

Now, does this necessarily mean that you should steer clear of League of Legends because it’s stacked against you? Absolutely not.

You see, the problem with League of Legends is not the fact that it’s fun. Tons of people from all over the world play League of Legends all day, every day.

Its problem is that there are a certain number of people who live in the game. That’s all they do. They play the game 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. That’s a whole lot of League of Legends.

And you can tell that these people are really, really good. This is why a lot of new players cannot win with the consistency they had in mind. It can get quite discouraging, to say the least.

This is why a lot of people have been trying all sorts of creative solutions to get out from under this strategic problem. You really can’t make this problem go away.

Regardless of what kind of game you’re into, there will always be people who will take that game so seriously that they have lost all balance in their life. They basically lost their life due to the game.

If you need examples of this, just look at DotA, League of Legends and World of Warcraft addicts. There are tons of video game addicts from all four corners of the globe.

So how do you gain a competitive advantage? That’s right. You just buy unranked accounts so you can stay in the game longer, level up your skills, and move on with your life. That’s how it works.

So do yourself a big favor, stop wasting precious time grinding through League of Legends. Believe me, it feels like you’re banging your head against the wall.

Because regardless of how lucky you feel and regardless of how hard you try, somebody out there is just better skilled than you. How can this be? After all, they live in the game.

So do yourself a big favor, get yourself some unranked accounts and get the experience and ability to connect the dots sooner rather than later. This way, you can finally move on with the game.

That’s how these accounts work. That’s their purpose. So use them for the proper purpose and you will have no problems.