It is important you are aware of the fact that writing any type of essay demands much concentration and lots of preparation. In addition, the reflection of the writer’s imagination and thoughts is the outline. One of the main factors for the blueprint of an essay is the outline. It is important you are also aware of the fact that there are different types of writing, in the sense that there is the informative, research related, persuasive and creative. It is important that you keep in mind that the different types of essay writings have their target audience and their dimension. You will most definitely find an article on that actually states that you should list the sub-categories and main categories when you are preparing the topic

It is recommended that the essay is divided into different parts, which is the conclusion, the body, and the introduction. The introductory part comes with introductory information on the topic. The body part of the essay is very important, in the sense that detailed information on the topic is detailed in this section. Right after you discuss all the factors, it is advised that you write a concluding brief. The objectivity and the accuracy need to be maintained in your essay. In order to create a successful essay, it is important you are aware of the fact that a well-structured outline is very much necessary. The outline makes the specification of the basic writing factors of the subject.

An essay is a fact-based text, often based on several sources, but with independent features such as analysis and discussion about the subject, more about what this means. Regarding the length of an essay, there are no clear rules, but it is often determined on a case by case basis by the teacher/supervisor. An essay is rarely more than 50 pages although some may be longer.

Parts to be included in a typical essay:

Title page or cover page.

First page where you enter the essay title (often cantered above the middle), your name and year when the essay is written (which should be written in lowercase letters than the title). The school’s name (if it is at university level also the institution’s name), usually is written in the left hand corner.


At the university level, a so-called abstract is included and summarizes the entire essay.

Table of Contents.

An overview of the essay will be preceded by the essay text. Here you enter the title and page number.

Introduction. In the introduction you will present your topic. In addition to a short presentation of the subject, the purpose of the essay should be included. Sometimes such as method, background and material are also mentioned – more if this follows.

Essay text.

This is basically what constitutes the actual essay.


Following the essay, a summary summarizes what summarizes the essay.

Literature and source list.

As the last page, there should be a reference list listing all used sources. Rules for how sources are specified.

Rules for writing an essay:

Choose topic and delimitation

An essay should have delineation within the subject. The reason for the delimitation is that the subject can be treated in its entirety and investigated properly. Therefore, an essay cannot cover the same types of subjects as the entire books are written but be limited to a small part of the subject and with a particular perspective.

Issue and purpose

In order to further focus on a part of the subject area, an essay should have one or more questions and a purpose, which often goes hand in hand, as the purpose may be to answer the question/area. Issue/purpose will be presented in the introduction.

Collect information

The major part of writing an essay usually consists of faculty gathering. This includes everything from looking up relevant articles, reading books, and interviewing people.

When collecting information, source criticism is also included. Source criticism means that you cannot resemble all sources without assessing the source’s reliability. For example, a politically collared text is not always objective and an article on Wikipedia is not always written by experts. You need to use multiple sources as it makes the text more reliable. If your sources differ, this may be mentioned in the essay, which does not need to be seen as negative, but rather shows that you entered the subject properly.

Understanding the basics of writing a new essay is integral to writing a good one. You need to understand the structure and parts of an essay if you want to create an appealing essay.