It will be of huge benefit to you if you know beforehand that you will likely experience difficulties while trying to geolocate a laptop, compared to the tracking of a smartphone. A smartphone always makes use of a data network and can be in a standby mode, so there is every possibility that it will transmit back its location. However, if your laptop is out of power, as a result of the battery losing its juice, or perhaps it does not have any Wi-Fi connection at that moment, then it will never transmit its location to you. A tracking service, such as, can offer lots of benefits just in case you can’t find your laptop, but just as highlighted above it is quite difficult to track a laptop compared to the tracking of a misplaced or stolen smartphone.

Installing Prey

Prey is best known for tracking software for Mac, Windows, and even Linux PCs. On the other hand, Prey also supports the IOS and Android devices. This makes it possible for you to locate all your devices.

This service comes with different plans. Some offers paid plans while others come free. However, it is better to opt for the free basic tracking service. This is because it allows you to connect three services together in your account and you can equally have an archive containing about ten different locations, per device. This gives you different options in case you lost your device and also for easy and quick access.

If you want to monitor the activities of your staff members and check if they are safe or whether they are conforming to the rules of the organization – regardless of their specified area, the simplest way to find out is through the Mobile phone tracking.

Listed below are 4 reasons why it is very important and beneficial:

Cost Effective

In past times, an employee can just leave the office without any notification and there is a possibility that people might not know where they went to. Well, with tracking technology, it has made it easy for employers to monitor their employees to check their activities and progressive rate, and ensure that they are working to their full capacity. The employee will have no choice but to sit up and perform his/her task effectively bringing an end to days of job slacking and indolence when the tracking system is put in place.

Improve Safety Standards

The most paramount aspect that needs to be urgently considered is the welfare of employees, and the operation of a mobile tracking system helps companies protect their workers while working in the field. In fact, employees might become more motivated if they get to discover that their location is under surveillance and that they can call for help at any time if necessary.

Enhance Communication Levels

Good communication and Efficiency go hand in hand. The installation of a mobile tracking system means workers will always have a cellphone in their possession for easy passage of vital information at any point. This helps to boost efficiency and increase communication within the organization. In short, increase in communication translates to more efficiency.


Though vehicle tracker systems are very beneficial, they are designed specifically for the delivery companies or the logistics industry. Using portable, smaller GPS units – or cell phones – allows for more resourcefulness. Although it is mostly used for tracking individuals’ location, this equipment can be used to monitor assets and vehicles. With the facts stated above, it is our belief that you have gathered enough information and guides to help your purchasing decision.