If you plan on taking your external hard drive with you while moving around or plan to move your console regularly, then you should better opt for a portable hard drive. So, when it comes to PS4 storage, we have compiled the list of the top portable hard drives for PS4.

Seagate Expansion (Portable)

The portable model of the Seagate Expansion is a stylish and sleek option which comes with a near-diamond plate casing. In the casing, the drive powers USB 3.0 and has the fastest transfer speeds compared to another portable drive on this list – a write speed of 123.7MB/sec. and a tested read speed of 129.5MB/sec. It is a bit weighty on the heavier side with an approximate weight of 8.3 ounces (which is twice heavier than the Seagate Backup plus Slim) however this contributes to the robustness and sturdiness of the device. This is an excellent budget option for an external hard drive that looks great and performs excellently. This drive can hold up to 4TB of space.

Samsung Portable SSD T5

As the name implies, the Samsung SSD T5 is an external SSD (also known as Solid State Drive). Amongst another drive on this list, it is the fastest drive and most secure when it comes to the portability. With no moving internal accessories, Samsung’s portable SSD can easily be thrown into a bag and carried along with you wherever you go.

That said, SSDs are expensive and same is applicable to this drive, so it is by far the most expensive drive on this list. If you are financially buoyant and want a device with increased speed, this one is your perfect choice. If you want additional storage space for your money, I advise that you check one of the other drives highlighted below. If it suits your requirements and needs, I assure that you will end up purchasing one of the best external hard drive options available on the marketplace.

WD My Passport Ultra

Western Digital’s answer to the fabulous-looking portable external hard drive is the firm’s ‘My Passport’ range, which is available in the ‘Ultra’ series. What distinguishes the My Passport range from other kinds of drives available on this list is the possibility of automatically storing the data which can then be transferred to DropBox. This feature alone will offer numerous benefits to people and will save them from several complications. It comes with write/read speeds that are quite similar to the Seagate drives highlighted in this article in terms of the performance and is available in a range of colors and can hold up to 4TB of storage.

Seagate Backup plus Ultra Slim

This awkward, golf-ball texture looking drive is considered as one of the best portable drives available on the marketplace at this present time. It can easily be considered as the thinner, advanced little brother to the Seagate Expansion and although this particular model can only hold a storage capacity of around 2TB compared to the 4TB capacity of its big brother. Although it doesn’t hold too much space it surely offers better performance and reliability. Insanely portable, it will occupy any space, especially if you intend to place it in a narrow space close to your PlayStation. So, choosing it depends on your needs.