Now that you have decided to opt for the electric guitar, only one question come up: what should I purchase? It is quite a tricky task. Consult about 10 players for their ‘best electric guitar for beginners’ recommendations and there is every possibility of you getting 10 different answers. After all, there are loads of models on the Instrument Picker website, each with its own merits and demerits.

For the beginners, however, we have decided to place our focus on a few factors: simplicity, versatility, and affordability. A beginner’s guitar has got to be easy to master with no complicated switches. It must be adequately neutral or flexible to contain few styles (not one-trick ponies), and moderately priced (at most $600). So we concluded that these popular models are available in almost every guitar store.

Squier Bullet Mustang HH

Don’t ever think the  Squier Bullet Mustang HH is an affordable option to a Mustang – it is more superior than others. The exciting feature is that you will get this instrument with a mere  $150. And with that price, you will get robust, if barebones, guitar that’s best suitable for Brasher,  ‘looser’ kinds of rock, like indie or grunge. Or, for an amateur with a small frame.

There are numerous reasons to hate this guitar. It is not a ‘genuine’ Mustang, it isn’t a versatile instrument, the hardware components aren’t fantastic…. But if you are looking for something to noodle around with or a project guitar, or you just want to go for a Mustang, this Squier is the perfect fit.

This guitar was made in Indonesia and the fact is that everything on this instrument works. It features a basswood body, a flat 12in fretboard radius, one-piece satin-finished maple neck enclosed with a C-shaped profile, and two humbuckers that sound as creamy and fat as budget pickups go. Even when played without much effort, they are urging you to strike that distortion pedal.

Ibanez S520

This particular model is one of the longest-running models from Ibanez, and it really deserves the accolades. The S52. is a robust six-string, a dependable instrument that is most suitable for rock and metal thanks to its pickups, fast neck, and Floyd Rose-style tremolo system. Beginner guitarists looking to engage in those heavier genres will really love this ax.

Another exciting fact about this instrument is its simplistic nature,  sculpted top and black hardware don’t call for attention, and it can handle most (heavy) genres of music – you probably don’t intend to learn Little Wing or Texas Flood on this guy.

The pair of Quantum humbuckers on the S520 causes a lot of of its  ‘high-definition’ tone. These pickups produce a heightened bass response with articulate highs and full mid-range, ideal for the screaming solos and palm-muted riffs you will find in rock and metal. You can also make use of the neck humbucker, which offers a livelier, single-coil-ish bite.

This instrument’s Wizard III maple neck is designed for shred players, too. It has an extremely flat 15.8-inch fretboard radium and is thin – asides from the 24 jumbo frets, which your fingers and hands will have no difficulty gliding across.