There are numerous varieties of maternity leggings available in the marketplace, and the one in vogue right now is the one that is worn above the ankle length. According to TheSuperMommy website, this length can be worn for a casual outing. It forms a perfect combination when it is used with sandals or dress made with chunky heels.

At this present time, most leggings are now fashionable regardless of the length and will form a great combo with any kind of shoe. When worn with boots, longer leggings provide comfort coupled with the addition of a bit of warmth. An amazing choice to opt for is the Olian’s Maternity Leggings, and it adds style and design to someone’s maternity wardrobe. They are made from soft and stretchy materials, easy to wear and lightweight, and they form a great combination when used with a dress as well as a longer top.

Another amazing choice to opt for is the Bella Band Essentials’ Over Belly Maternity Leggings and it is considered as an everyday material. Made from ultra-soft knit, luxurious materials, they form a perfect fit to one’s legs, hips, and belly. A high seamless waistband offers full belly coverage and has enough room that can accommodate any form of enlargement during the pregnancy period. The waistband can be attached to the waistline during the early stages of pregnancy, and can equally accommodate the full belly as the pregnancy develops, and also fit the hips properly at the last stages of the pregnancy especially during the last 7 days before childbirth.

The famous leggings are elastic panties that were resurrected from the 1980s to stay for a while, and in all fashion, its use causes shock, laughter or acceptance. They come in several modalities, even the most fashionable in imitation leather, and if you go to a party you have the sequins. Leggings are a sure-fire item in a woman’s wardrobe. Their versatility and comfort have made them our big favourites and we applaud that because sometimes they take us out of a lot of trouble when it comes to choosing what to wear.

Of course, they also come in a number of prints, from the cartoon characters, a variety of animal prints, galaxies, flowers, even skeletons numbers; in short, there is one for each personality and for all pockets and sizes.

Do not wear them as pants

This is the golden rule and all women should have it engraved on their heads. The leggings do not have the same resistance as the pants and, although they are thick, they will always show something that one does not want to show either underwear or imperfections such as cellulite. If you wear leggings, cover your butt with a dress, long polo shirt, skirt, etc.

Go for safe designs and patterns

In recent years, the leggings have left the solid colours and have sought to innovate with bold and creative prints. However, you should bear in mind that this type of patterns stand out in the legs and enlarge them. If you have a thin build with long legs, go ahead. But if your body type is curvier, those with a solid colour are your best option.

Use the right pair of shoes

Leggings look great with almost every type of footwear; everything depends on the occasion and the set you want to achieve. The ballerina shoes worn with leggings are ideal for a more relaxed look and look very good as they leave the instep exposed. On the other hand, high boots or boots at ankle height will give the impression of a more elegant and refined attire. Avoid shoes at all costs.

Get the right length

The idea is that the leggings reach the ankle so that your legs look long and are right over the shoe. If you use ones that end in the calf, they will automatically make you look lower and cut your leg in half.

Wear them for the right occasion

If you are thinking about wearing leggings, evaluate the moment and the type of event you are going to go with them. The cotton ones are more opaque and are ideal for day to day, especially in winter. Those that have latex appliqués or some shine are for some informal meeting with friends or a date where you should see yourself more groomed.

Be yourself!

Stop fearing clothes just for the sake of it. Find your comfort and build your own style by following your rules. As long as you keep these basic notions in mind and know what the trends are, use leggings without fear and start the year with style.