Aside from sleeplessness, not sleeping on the correct type of mattress could lead to chronic back pain and aches. In the event that you are suffering back pain, the incorrect mattress will further worsen the condition. Conversely, the best mattresses for back pain will offer huge assistance to you as regards sleeping well and waking up with a refreshed feeling.

Which is the best mattress for you to sleep on particularly if you are dealing with back pain? An answer is “none”.

It is dependent on the individual’s sleeping position, preference, lifestyle and medical condition, if any. No sleeping posture or single mattress is the best for everyone. What is right for one individual may be inefficient for another. With the different mattresses at your specialty bed stores and furniture malls, with everyone saying they are the best, picking the best mattresses for back pain is a real problem. Here are a few tips.

Sleeping Position and Matching Mattress

The mattress type that is best suitable for your body is dependent on your sleeping position to some extent. Therefore it is advisable to try various sleeping position types. The most suitable position to sleep in is led to by the back pain type you are suffering from and personal preferences. Crucially there are three popular sleep positions: on your stomach, on your sides, and on your back.

In the case of back sleepers, a small pillow under your knees will keep the general curve on your back and limit the stress on the spine. This is normally the most effective position with the mattress that provides the back with correct support. Sleeping on your stomach requires a firmer support surface to avoid spinal distortion that could cause back pain.

Side sleepers are dependent on pressure points as their weights rest on the smallest parts of the body thus resulting in bad circulation. A bolster within their knees will go a long way in helping them to limit stress. A mattress with a plush and softer feel would be the preference here.