You can always buy lol accounts but there is a faster way of creating a League of Legends (LoL) account. League of Legends is remarkable MOBA online game which is free and very captivating.

The LoL gameplay is quite simple, there are 3-5 teams in which a champion is being chosen. The main goal of this game is to advance through your opponent’s defense system and annihilate their HQ (Nexus) which lasts 20-40 minutes. Presently there are 83 champions accessible in LoL, but in other keep the game up to date and exciting a new champion is being introduced into the game once every 3-4 weeks.  Each champion has its distinct set of abilities, different status and base statistics which makes them very different from each other. During the gameplay, you get to upgrade your champion’s stats and boost its ability through items you purchase and better still make them more fitted to your specs.

LoL grants you experience and IP as you play more matches and this is a great opportunity for those who are interested in character customizations and level ups outside the match. The purpose of the experience is to enable you to level up your summoner and also IP enables you to purchase new champions and runes. Another goal of this game is to achieve the mastery level 30 which is the max level. As you approach level 30 there are mastery points and rune slots available to unlock. You can now Use those IP to purchase runes and use your mastery points to increase your characters stats such as defense, magic damage, attacks, etc.

Ready to become a LoL player?

LoL is quite similar to various other video games, however, the name used during the game is different from that which you signed up with. As the sign-up name is only used when Logging in.