If you are a newbie to the game of pickleball and you intend to improve your game in this year and also upgrade your paddle, this article is specifically made for you. If you have become a professional but you want to dispose of the old paddle and desire to acquire the very best paddle for 2018, you are presently in the right place.  We are pleased to show you the results of all the review we have carried out and offer you the best option. If you want to get the right answer, we advise that you choose the Engage Poach option due to its ability to provide accuracy and power.

If you are returning back from the tennis court and are familiar with handling a tennis racquet, you will discover a paddle that is suitable for you. If the grip is an important feature and you are looking for a thicker handle that offers you more comfort and fits your hands perfectly, the good news is that we have a paddle that suits your needs. If you want to fully exploit the benefit of the pickleball paddle technology and want improved spin or faster response times, we have found the ideal paddle for you.

Engage Poach Advantage

The overall best is Engage’s brand new Poach Advantage. Engage is a popular brand that is famous for the design of pickleball paddles for several years. Amongst other countries, this brand was one of the first ones to show that a graphite paddle delivers performance similar to the composite paddle when it comes to incorporating English into the ball. The Poach Advantage depicts a higher level of Engage’s proprietary paddle tech that comes with a superb six layers of composite fiberglass embedded with the paddle face! No other paddle has ever come with such extensive design! And the resulting effect is visible! When you engage in gaming activities with the Poach Advantage, the six layers of materials shows clearly the sweet spot compared to other paddles we have ever practiced with! The sweet spot exploits the benefit of the oversized face, paddle’s structure; the breadth is 8”, and the length is 16”. For those new to paddle measurements, these are huge statistics meant to increase the hitting surface to the optimum allowable amount.

The Poach Advantage is an advanced technology for anyone who seeks to gain more precision from their pickleball paddle! The one word that properly represents the Poach Advantage is predictable. Your control and shot direction, even while dinking at the net can be easily predicted. The six layers of high-quality composite skin offer you an outstanding level of spin and allow even the newbies to manipulate the ball. The polymer core enhances the directional control factor by offering the paddle soft touch at the net for the dinking operation. This is important for those who want to enhance their game and elevate to the higher level. If you don’t have the belief that a paddle can greatly improve your game from the first practice then you haven’t tried using the Engage Poach Advantage yet…I assure you that this one will definitely make you better! It is that superb! Considering all features, it is our top choice for the Best Pickleball Paddle for 2018!