Ever wonder why numerous forex traders claim to have discovered the best forex indicator for MT4? I mean, it must be second to none right? They claim they generate tons of money from it and we guess it might be true. Maybe true for them. But, whenever someone else tries to apply the same strategy, it fails miserably. WHY?

Numerous Forex traders have wasted a lot of money and time trying out and applying different Forex indicators. Most embark on the journey in the wrong way. The key to identifying the best indicator is not about the way you can use the indicator to help you enhance your system and predict the market but to opt for an indicator that you can use to improve yourself as a trader”. Regardless of the trading activities, you engage in. Traders are always hunting for “The Best Forex Shortcut”. You could be beating around the bush in constant frustration missing out on huge profits if you cannot sort it out.

There is no known Forex indicator that works at all times. Even though some traders might make you believe that their indicators work at all times and applied to all markets. The best Forex Indicator is the one that suits your needs and requirements.

We Trade Our Beliefs

Any Forex indicator that you trust the most is the best amongst all. In regards to this, we trade based on the trends of the market and the effectiveness of the specific indicator. We base our decisions on the happenings of the market under repeated events and certain conditions as observed on a daily basis.

Let me explain this in detail. I will also tell you about my Best Forex Indicator or should I say “the indicator that I trust the most”. The indicator that I will opt for after perusing the internet is The CCI or the Commodity Channel Index and the Bollinger Bands. I analyzed these indicators for a very long time in all market conditions. I got to know them very intimately and personally.

They became intertwined with me or maybe I became closer to them. I know this sounds tricky, but go to any trader to find out; I bet they will tell you the same thing. Once you become acquainted with your indicator you become more comfortable with the system. Asides the fact that your confidence increases significantly, you begin to experience what I term as “The Forex Knowing”. You surely know that you won’t get your expected result at all times, the fact remains that no indicator or plan is 100% successful. You develop a feeling inside of you that you can trust, you do not second guess, one that can make you lose your entire savings. Once you have reached this point there is no turning back and you are on your way to getting the best indicator. We suggest you peruse this article carefully to enable you to make the best decision.