Right before you head out to purchase a hair clipper, first of all, you need to analyze your needs and you need to have your budget considered. For your information, the best cordless clippers might cost a lot more but it is guaranteed to last and those options with lithium-ion battery work best.

The material of the blade whether metal or ceramic should be chosen with respect to the skin and hair type. Most clippers you find in the market include guide combs, and they are available for styling the beard and to trim it in various ways. Nonetheless, additional attachments may assist in increasing the cost of the product

The Technology Driving a Hair Clipper

It is important you are aware of the fact that a hair clipper works in a similar fashion to scissors, however, the operating mechanism seems to be different.

Each hair clipper, whether manual or electric, is made up of a pair of sharp blades that are comb-like. The blades lie in contact with one another, one that is directly above the second, and side, which can possibly slide relatively on either side.

The clipper features a manual or electric mechanism to allow oscillations of the blade one side to another. The clipper is moved in a manner that the hair to be trimmed is found in between the teeth of the comb, and then it is cut in similar scissor-like manner when the blade slides relatively.

A vital consideration for the clipper’s performance is that the friction should be low. This should most definitely be encountered with frequent lubrication

Manual Vs Electric Clippers

Manual hair clippers are mostly used with a pair of handles that are alternately released and squeezed for working of blades.

An electric clipper, on the other hand, is very much similar to the manual clipper, the only difference is that it employs an electric motor for deriving power for the blade’s oscillation from side to side

There are three types of motors that are useful for the electric clipper. These include a pivot, magnetic and rotary motors.

The rotary style motor either makes use of an alternating or direct current source. The pivot and magnetic style clippers make use of the magnetic forces that are derived from having a copper wire wounded around the steel. The alternating current helps in creating a continuous cycle that relaxes and attracts a spring.

This will then produce the desired torque and speed to drive the clipper cutter right across the comb. The electric clippers may use a replaceable battery or may be corded.

For optimum performance, the hair clipper must be lubricated using a mineral oil regularly. The cleaning regimen needs to be maintained in a manner to make the hair clipper last longer.

Final Thoughts

It is not an easy task to select the best hair clippers, owing to the fact that the multitude of products available for sale in the market. Hair trimmers and clippers are produced by a wide variety of brands, and they feature multiple benefits and settings.

It is important you take time to check the features that are offered at the price demanded, and whether they seem to be worth it or not. Nonetheless, before you make any final choice, it is vital that you consider your needs and budget.