The first thing you need to know is that the Piermont grand EC is a state of the art condominium located in River Valley, which is one of the most desirable districts in the whole of Singapore. The district is considered as a top residential place and it is loaded with luxury objects, re-purposes facilities and plenty of restaurants. Keep in mind that the Piermont Grand is still in development.

When it will be completed?

The next best thing you need to know is when the condominium will be completed. The answer is the year 2022 although the first condos will be available in 2021. The entire facility is designed and will be made according to the latest standards and the highest requirements, therefore the time is definitely needed for residents to get the ultimate condos.

What Piermont Grand located nearby?

The condominium is located in one of the best places in Singapore and you can get all the amenities as you like within minutes. The first one is the UE Square mail. It is located within 10 minutes by foot of the condominium. If you are interested in another attraction, you can visit the Robertson Quay which is even closer. It is 600 meters away from the condominium which makes it an ideal place for lunch on a warm day.

Not all elements are focused on fun and attractions. The River Valley Primary School is nearby as well. It is actually just one kilometer away from the condominium and it is one of the best schools here. Parents who are looking for a place with an excellent school will definitely want to know all about this advantage. Of course, this isn’t the only school in the district.

The last but not least important is the famous Marina Bay. The business district is the best-known in the whole of Singapore and it is a few minutes away from the condominium. In a nutshell, anything you desire is close to the Piermont grand EC and close to you.

Condos that are available

There is a long list of available condos. The first one are the smallest. They are one or two room condos and they are ideal for students and for people who live alone, who don’t need additional space.

The second type is 3 and 4 room condos. They are more suitable for small families and people who want to get more space so they can enjoy in beautiful space. The last but not least important are massive condos of 5 rooms. They are great for large families or for individuals who want to have all the comfort within their disposal at any given moment.

The final word

Piermont grand isn’t just one of the most desirable places in Singapore, but in the entire world. It is located in a beautiful district. It has all you will ever need and it is a stunning place to live at. The last advantage is the price of a condo, which is considered affordable.