About Us

The Red Hood Project! A campaign for consumer protection for children online.

Children online safety is the responsibility of every one of us. It is particularly more important in these days of rampant online bulling, internet child sex predators and terrorist using the internet to radicalize and recruits children and young persons.

Dozens of media reports document the increasing victimization of children by blackmail, rape, abduction and even murder, because industry didn’t secure their data. The case of Amanda Todd quickly comes to mind. She was a teenager blackmailed by an adult predator. Her attacker easily found her name, address, friends and family, all through social media.  He could reach her at any time. Unable to escape, she took her own life at age 15.

She wasn’t alone. A sad unfortunate incident, right?. The saddest part is that kind of incident is still happening today, and some go unreported. Law enforcement and children’s protection agencies now identify social media as a serious threat to child safety.

There is also the issue of online commercial exploitation of children by businesses and corporations.  When commercial websites gather and use children’s personal information for behavioral targeting, there is a high chance the information will be misused because it’s hard to see a clear limits on how this data can be used, stored, or transferred, and corporations have too great an influence over the play spaces of children.

Realizing that ensuring children online privacy and security can be overwhelming, The Red Hood Project Community was formed to help proffer a solution and ensure that kids are safe online. Since its formation a decade ago, the community has been on the forefront campaigning for reform in the industry.

The Red Hood Project has made many contributions and has partnered with several governments and United Nations agencies in its effort address safety issues for children and young persons. Those efforts have yielded fantastic results as there have been much awareness, discussions and policy change. It is heartwarming, to note that the community started with nothing in terms of monetary resource. The one thing the community had was the passion and commitment to ensure children online safety. We are still very much committed to this goal, and we are working around the clock and leaving no stone unturned in the effort to reach this aim.

The Red Hood Project calls for the social media industry to control and protect children’s privacy online by:

  • Age verification of child users
  • Default privacy settings for children and youth
  • Disabled location and web browser tracking
  • Firewall protection for children’s data online