For most people, ensuring their child’s online privacy and security can be overwhelming. The frightening reports and headlines often destroy the little confidence they have regarding their child’s physical and cyber safety.

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Internet – A Necessity

The Internet a necessity can truly be a wonderful resource for your kids. They can use it to communicate with teachers and other children, research school reports, and play interactive games. Children who are old enough to filch a screen can have access to the world. And the reach is amazingly very broad.

But that access can also pose hazards. The internet is flooded with the good, the bad, and the utterly scary ugly materials and individuals. When it comes to the issue of online security and privacy, a lot has been done, and more still needs to be done.

Yes, there are a good number of laws and regulation aimed at tackling this menace; however, these laws are not well suited for children and young persons.

The breach privacy is never a pleasant issue to experience, and criminals are forever on the prowl to find loopholes. It is particularly more alarming if children and teens are involved. This is because these set of people are very vulnerable to a security lapse. Dozens of media reports document the increasing victimization of children by blackmail, rape, abduction and even murder because the industry didn’t secure their data. Law enforcement and children’s protection agencies now identify social media as a serious threat to child safety

Then, there is the online commercial exploitation of children when commercial websites gather and use children’s personal information for behavioral targeting.  There is no knowing the limits on how this data can be used, stored, or transferred, and corporations have too much influence over the play spaces of children and young persons

A lot of events in life are left to chance, but we do have the power to influence children’s technology use if we all come together and do it the right way.


What Can We Do?

Digital rights and privacy settings designed for adults do not work well for children. Instead, it endangers their safety. Predators, terrorist recruiter, and bullies sneak through digital loopholes to stalk unsuspecting children, and young persons, and it’s happening right now.

The Red Hood Project is calling on everyone to come together so we can do something about it. Let’s hold industry accountable to establish real safety standards that protect our kids.

The Red Hood Project seeks:

  • Age verification of child users
  • Disabled location and web browser tracking
  • Default privacy settings for children and youth
  • Firewall protection for children’s data online.

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Essential Fashion Tips for Wearing Your Maternity Leggings

Essential Fashion Tips for Wearing Your Maternity Leggings

There are numerous varieties of maternity leggings available in the marketplace, and the one in vogue right now is the one that is worn above the ankle length. According to TheSuperMommy website, this length can be worn for a casual outing. It forms a perfect combination when it is used with sandals or dress made with chunky heels.

At this present time, most leggings are now fashionable regardless of the length and will form a great combo with any kind of shoe. When worn with boots, longer leggings provide comfort coupled with the addition of a bit of warmth. An amazing choice to opt for is the Olian’s Maternity Leggings, and it adds style and design to someone’s maternity wardrobe. They are made from soft and stretchy materials, easy to wear and lightweight, and they form a great combination when used with a dress as well as a longer top.

Another amazing choice to opt for is the Bella Band Essentials’ Over Belly Maternity Leggings and it is considered as an everyday material. Made from ultra-soft knit, luxurious materials, they form a perfect fit to one’s legs, hips, and belly. A high seamless waistband offers full belly coverage and has enough room that can accommodate any form of enlargement during the pregnancy period. The waistband can be attached to the waistline during the early stages of pregnancy, and can equally accommodate the full belly as the pregnancy develops, and also fit the hips properly at the last stages of the pregnancy especially during the last 7 days before childbirth.

Advantages of Garage Floor Epoxy Coating: All You Ought To Know

Advantages of Garage Floor Epoxy Coating: All You Ought To Know

Due to the benefits offered by the epoxy to your garage floorings such as beautification and increased durability, investing your money on this product will give you the full value for your money although it is a costly product. See our review here for the different types of epoxy coatings. Listed below are some of the advantages of applying epoxy to the flooring.

Although painting is considered as the cheapest and simplest means of protecting the floors, it only comes with moderate protection that will eventually fade off with time.

In terms of durability and designs of your floors, epoxy is more reliable than paint. For painting, it needs a random application to ensure a long-lasting design, whereas the application of epoxy can be done at a single time only if done properly. The reason why epoxy is durable is due to the fact that the material and the cement form a homogeneous mixture making it nearly impossible to detach them. In short, they combine to form a permanent mixture and not just the temporary coating associated with the use of paints.

The substance can effectively resist harsh chemicals, oil, and grease, which can damage the surface. It is advisable to apply this material on the floor so as to maintain its appearance and design and also have a long-lasting effect on the floor. However, you are advised to do a comprehensive review of the product and opt for the one that will meet your standard.

How the Best Tool Belt Improves Safety on the Job

How the Best Tool Belt Improves Safety on the Job

Due to the recent advancement in technology, the electricians don’t longer fear about their tools dropping on unsuspecting workers. This is due to the use of an electrician tool belt for keeping the tools making them nearly impossible to detach from the belt. If you are an electrician, the only reason for the removal of a tool would be due to your carelessness as you didn’t attach the tool properly and securely.

Unfortunately, human error cannot be overruled as this is out of everyone’s control and it happens mainly to people who find it difficult to keep their eye on the task performed. Regardless of any situation or condition, Safety should always be the main priority. We must always ensure safety on building sites, strangers’ house and even in other people home. This would lessen the risk of injury as well as severe accidents.

We must try to always avoid accidents at all cost; therefore, we need to place our focus on how we pack our work tools. Tradesman always tries as much as possible to avoid situations whereby they don’t have the right tools at hand to perform their tasks, or when he is using a ladder to get to a high level and the tools remove in the process bouncing all the way to the ground level. This is an annoying situation that they always like to avoid and it might make their work tiring and sophisticated; in fact, they tend to spend more time completing their task.

Things to Look Out For In a Rivercove Residences EC Showflat

Things to Look Out For In a Rivercove Residences EC Showflat

Regardless of the class of people you belong to; whether you are a corporate body or a permanent citizen who desires to acquire an EC in Singapore, the proper thing to do is to locate the developer in the preferred location and find out the information needed about the Rivercove Residences EC showflat and then proceed to make your acquisition. If you are a corporate body or a foreigner looking to acquire an EC, you are advised to check with the developer situated in your preferred location so as to find the ECs that comes in their eleventh year and beyond.

But if your target is to get a good condo, you can opt for the ECs or check the apartment buildings that come with condos apartments. All these depend on your nationality, your budget, or if you work for a corporate body that just relocated to Singapore. Although there has been a rise in the price of property in Singapore, that rise is as a result of the success and demand of the economy, which forms a major factor. All these led to a productive real estate market and they offer different things ranging from residential buildings to the perfect condo, so endeavor to check the purchasing property located in Singapore if you are moving to a local area or relocating abroad. You are advised to look out for some features in the Rivercove Residences EC Showflat before making the purchase.

Essential Tips for Stopping Hair Loss and Improving Hair Regrowth

Essential Tips for Stopping Hair Loss and Improving Hair Regrowth

Many people desire to get valuable information about natural hair regrowth and they are also eager to know how to maintain and nourish the ones available. The use of natural oil for a scalp massage is known to help stimulate the scalp circulation. For more information about natural oils, visit this link. When using shampoo, endeavor to massage well. However, this doesn’t imply that you should apply too much shampoo. You need to use the oils on your scalp and avoid over washing them.  As a lady conversant with these processes, you must keep in mind that the pull of the hair can lead to the complete removal of the hair, resulting in issues like baldness or bald patches, especially where there is too much tension along the hairline. The best option is to allow your hair flow freely.

Some hair maintenance techniques such as coloring, perms, straightening, application of heated styling, coupled with the use of chemicals can result in damaging effects if not done in the proper way; however, you are advised to get an expert to assist you. Select shampoos that are fortifying and moisturizing. When selecting thickening shampoos, choose the ones designed specifically for naturally thin hair. The best way to regrow your hair is via Natural hair regrowth. There are various techniques and medications that can be used to tackle these issues and these natural methods can provide you with a healthy lifestyle as well as maintaining your hair.

A Look at the Constituents of Beard Balm

A Look at the Constituents of Beard Balm

The kind of ointment you select will largely depend on the level of effectiveness you are looking for, the kind of scent that you also like and the amount you are willing to expend. Premium Beard Balm has been placed by buyers on the Primitive Outpost website as one of the best products in town.

It’s an actual all-rounder with a light, sweet and gentle scent of fresh orange that will not break the bank. Not to forget, it’s also a secured choice for all beard types and lengths. All beard ointment are full of beeswax, a butter and a mixture of oils. The wax is what allows the ointment of having a hold- do not think that to be able to trim your beard to a Ferris wheel or any other shape, but it will assist you to keep your flyaway down.

The butter_ often Shea or coconut oil- is what softens your beard. Coconut oil products, on the other hand, tend to present your beards shinier. For this cause, so many prefer the more matte look than what the Shea butter gives.

Oils, like sweet almond and jojoba, contains vitamins that could enhance your beard and take care of your skin. The most common of these, Vitamin E, is recognized to reduce irritation and promote hair growth. Extra oils, like lavender and pine, are added for the smell.

Why the Windsor Smith’s Home Collection of Squishies is great for Your Family

Why the Windsor Smith’s Home Collection of Squishies is great for Your Family

Children especially have so much love to press squishes even while at rest. Just listen to how calm the look while pressing the lovely Windsor Smith’s home collection of squishies. They will not even cry to attach to their mothers when the squishies are accessible. This is because they are unique and in a way, they engage the kind and keep them entertained. Even small babies can be relaxed just by looking at the set or less different colored toys.

This should point something out to you as a grown up. You can easily press the squashy to feel relaxed from anxiety and stress. Even though this technique is temporary, you could still avoid gathering stress that can end up harming you. Another side of the benefit is that these toys will join the kids in the game. Run after the squishes with them and simultaneously catch the fun. You will become fit not even by planning to do it and no need to get anxious to lose the big weight. The price is very low so that you, as their father or mother, will not have any excuse for not purchasing your kids many squishies.

Tips on How to Search for the Best Louis Vuitton Discount Online

Tips on How to Search for the Best Louis Vuitton Discount Online

One of the handbag companies that is so popular in the world is Louis Vuitton and they have turned the way we view handbags and fashion around in several ways. Louis Vuitton handbags are largely known for their brown leather monogram look and their high reputation. If you are checking to get a Louis Vuitton discount then you can purchase one from the Louis Vuitton store or check online for few places where they have shops too.

The company started out initially with making steamer trunk in the 1800’s for travelers that were searching for high-quality luggage that was not easy to find as at that time. So many people traveled on ships and they lack something they can use that would last the long journey. Sooner than later, the company got into fashion and handbag and now are the most popular brand on earth.

The most meaningful way to look for a Louis Vuitton handbag at a lower price is to check for one that has been used a bit because if you get one that is really reduced, it is possible that it’s not authentic. This has now become a big business with designer handbags because quite a large number of people cannot buy it, the market of the look-alike has grown into a big business and Louis Vuitton is gradually fading away.

Pokemon Go Playing Tips

Pokemon Go Playing Tips

Even if you decide to catch Pokemon to help you get to a new level at a fast pace, you will still need to devote lots of time to it. You may need to peruse through this write-up on how to get a Pokemon go account to help you to quickly achieve your tasks and you might even catch 60 of them in about a second. That is very impressive. Some tips are provided below:

Ensure that both your app and phone screen are on whenever you are on the move. If there is no display of Pokemon Go on the screen, your phone won’t give out any sign when you come across a Pokemon and you won’t be able to track the eggs.

Walk to work? Plan your movements and ensure to pass most lures and Pokestops. Endeavour to make the screen of your phone more visible to detect their locations.

Endeavour to catch all Pokemon that come your way, but avoid wasting Pokeballs. Even if you don’t require another Zubat, which will give you 100 XP and 100 Stardust, you can save it for later use.

You only have one incubator. All your eggs should be inside it so as to avoid complicating matters.

Endeavor to select a buddy Pokemon to enable you to earn candy at every step as you move towards your preferred pocket monster.

If you notice some effects or loading sign on the game for a short period, don’t wait. Shut down the game immediately.

Avoid catching a Pokemon while the loading sign is still on. This might cause the game to crash.

As long as you can locate and identify a Pokemon, you can secure it – even if it looks far from you. Endeavor to click on it. You don’t need to wait any longer. You can keep moving while you try to secure it – although Pokemon tends to move quicker than you do.

If you find yourself in a situation whereby you located a Pokemon and a Pokestop all at once? The first thing to do is to activate the Pokestop – if you proceed to catch the Pokemon, you might end up not activating the Pokestop.

Win Instagram Followers with These Tips

Win Instagram Followers with These Tips

Have you created an Instagram profile but unable to gain followers that would have given you an edge? And you don’t know what to do to ganhar seguidores Instagram and get more followers who are loyal and committed? Below are some guidelines to assist you in gaining more Instagram followers.

  1. Use Quality Images

This may look easy, but the true fact is that many people don’t seem to understand why they are unable to gain more Instagram followers, and one of the reasons might be due to poor-quality images. Endeavor to consider some features like lightning, angles, and the main image when taking pictures. People have interest in seeing high-quality images taken from an important angle.

Instagram can be regarded as a VISUAL space, so if you have low-quality visual, it will be very difficult to achieve your task. However, if you don’t have quality photo skills, you have numerous options: you can upload quality stock photos, hire an experienced photographer, or develop your skills via learning.

  1. Have a Branded Image

Why do you like to visit the page of your favorite brand or Instagrammer? There is a high chance that you can recognize and identify their products via the Instagram. This is due to their branded image. You have already got yourself acquainted with their products and services and you can easily identify them in the midst of multitudes. I believe that you want the same thing to happen to you and you wish to gain committed and loyal followers who will always like your photos and help boost your business.

You wish to be different and unique. You can achieve your aim by creating a brand image that stands out and has recognizable features. However, you must consider some things like your overall feed before uploading pictures and then try to create some attractive design to help boost your image and drive in more followers by using some specific kinds of design features, using a specific color scheme (or filters), or by using a template. Endeavour to consider the factors highlighted above and make an informed decision.

Bed Bug Control in Toronto: A Guide to Effective Prevention Techniques

Bed Bug Control in Toronto: A Guide to Effective Prevention Techniques

If you happen to be going through issues with bedbugs, book an appointment and/or talk about your options with a pest control organization that are professionals on bed bug control in Toronto. In addition, infestations by bedbugs that Toronto inhabitants have experienced of late should be more than enough reason to opt for the gold and reach out to the professionals.

Whether you have experience with bed bugs or not, it’s a situation that’s best treated through prevention. This is due to the fact that the methods that are employed in destroying a bed bug infestation are not a “for sure” method. It’s as a result of the bed bug population possessing the uncanny ability to become resistant to various types of pesticides and exterminating methods that majority of the people eventually turn to expert extermination services.

The Key to Staying Away From Bedbugs Is Prevention

Bed bugs are renowned for their ability to hide in the tiniest of places like the seams of bed sheets, pillowcases, mattresses and even the bed frame itself.

Begin your prevention techniques by focusing on the furniture in the bedroom and progress outwards due to the fact these bugs are so attracted to carbon dioxide, which is the chemical compound produced when a mammal exhales and is what makes us appear like dinner to a bedbug. This explains why they like to concentrate in the bedroom for them to calmly feed while their victim is asleep and have a very small risk of being noticed by the host, plus they just require five minutes to feast on their victim until they are full.

Switch to a metal bed frame rather due to the fact that wood is a popular place for bedbugs to burrow and hide in, that includes dressers, nightstands, headboards and every other wooden furniture. You should pull all furniture away from touching anything, most especially the walls in a bid to assist you in narrowing down how simple it’s for the bed bugs to climb up and onto the furniture.

Essential Factors for Creating the Best Chicken Coop House

Essential Factors for Creating the Best Chicken Coop House

Raising chickens in your backyard is a profitable venture in addition to it being a wonderful activity. You could start the business of selling fresh eggs on a daily basis and earn cash from it as well. But before you begin to earn money from the poultry business or hen rearing, wouldn’t you like to know a few details about building a chicken coop house? Well, to create the best chicken coop house, you would need the coop house plan. What should you think about when you’re planning to create your own coop house?

Sufficient Space

Don’t forget that space is hugely important for animals too, just the way it’s for humans. You should not think of putting all the fowl together in a small coop house, due to the fact that insufficient space will affect the health of the hens in addition to affecting their free movement. Their egg laying capacity would surely be affected if their health is affected.

Therefore always have it at the back of your mind to provide at least 3 to 4 square feet of space for every hen when you pick a coop house. It doesn’t really matter if the space happens to be more than that, due to the fact that you could either get more fowl in future, or the existing ones can move about more freely.

Convenience Of Use

With the use of the best chicken coop house plans, you have made the decision to create your own coop home, basically to make the process easier for you.You would not like the chicken coop home program to be in such a way that would make the routine jobs very hard to handle as well. Therefore opt for a coop dwelling plan that’s not just sufficient in terms of space, but also convenient for daily jobs such as feeding the fowl, washing of the floors and cleaning etc.

Assessing the Importance of Buying Pokémon Go Accounts to Advancing in the Game

Assessing the Importance of Buying Pokémon Go Accounts to Advancing in the Game

First things first, you would require the Pokémon Go app, available for Android and iOS in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States and new Pokémon go accounts. If you are not in the aforementioned areas, hang tight, as Ninantic is extending to other areas with time.

Once you have been logged in, you would get a short introduction by the dreamy Professor Willow, who would provide you with an introduction to the game, and take you through catching your option of the three starter pokémon — either a Squirtle, Bulbasaur, or Charmander that should not be strange to Pokémon regulars.

After that though, the game relatively much leaves you alone, aside from a small tips aspect that often explains normal map icons.  But there are three fundamental parts to the game of Pokémon Go namely visiting pokéstops, gym battles, and catching Pokemon.

Catching pokémon functions mostly like you would expect: you simply move around with the app open on your mobile phone, that would buzz when pokémon are around. Click on the pokémon on the map, and you will switch to the catching interface. The color of the ring around the pokémon helps in determining how effortless it is to catch — red the most difficult, yellow intermediate, and green is easiest.

Pokémon is discovered at various Combat Power (CP) levels, that more or less determines how potent the pokémon would be. To accelerate a pokémon’s CP, you would require two resources: Stardust, a common item you receive with every pokémon that you capture, and the specific candy of the Pokemon that could be received by catching duplicates of the pokémon you would like to level up.

For instance, to level up a Zubat’s Combat Power, you would require Zubat candies and Stardust. Similarly, to improve your Pokemon, you would be required to use more of the candies of that Pokemon that will also dramatically accelerate the Combat Power of that Pokemon. As your character level improves, you will meet with higher level Pokemon in the wild and be able to accelerate the Combat Power of your Pokemon more.

10 Best Tea Kettles: Evaluating the Different Types of Tea Kettle

10 Best Tea Kettles: Evaluating the Different Types of Tea Kettle

A lot of people realize that they get some comfort and refreshment from a cup of tea and they look forward to it. A majority like to make their daily tea made from a stove top kettle. However, there is another option that is common with tea drinkers. Modern electric tea kettles represent an alternative to stove top tea kettles and provide safety and time-saving benefits. An advantage associated with an electric style kettle is that it boils water in less than when compared with the stove top ones. The handles of the kettle will also stay cooler than what’s obtainable with the normal stovetop kettle. For an extensive comparison of the stove top and electric tea kettles, take a look at the 10 best tea kettles article.

The stove top tea kettles normally take around 9 minutes to boil water and when pouring, users have to be careful when handling the kettle due to the fact that the handle might become very hot during this time. The efficiency of the electronic kettle normally provides boiling water in roughly 5 minutes and makes the handles stay cooler and not present the likelihood of a burning hand. It’s fascinating to carry out a test yourself of the two kinds of tea kettles to find out the period of time it takes for water to boil.

Electric tea kettles can easily be bought cheaply and cleanly. They offer an automatic shut off feature when the water boils,  whereby the stove top normally gives a whistle.

An electric kettle might occupy space on your counter if you elect to leave it out of your cupboards when you’re not using it. This could be an option for those living with limited counter space. It could be placed in a cabinet when it’s not in use. According to the 10 best tea kettles article, a lot of colors and styles of tea kettles exist to select from for drinkers. In addition, they can be used to boil water for hot chocolate, coffee or other foods too.