For most people, ensuring their child’s online privacy and security can be overwhelming. The frightening reports and headlines often destroy the little confidence they have regarding their child’s physical and cyber safety.

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Internet – A Necessity

The Internet a necessity can truly be a wonderful resource for your kids. They can use it to communicate with teachers and other children, research school reports, and play interactive games. Children who are old enough to filch a screen can have access to the world. And the reach is amazingly very broad.

But that access can also pose hazards. The internet is flooded with the good, the bad, and the utterly scary ugly materials and individuals. When it comes to the issue of online security and privacy, a lot has been done, and more still needs to be done.

Yes, there are a good number of laws and regulation aimed at tackling this menace; however, these laws are not well suited for children and young persons.

The breach privacy is never a pleasant issue to experience, and criminals are forever on the prowl to find loopholes. It is particularly more alarming if children and teens are involved. This is because these set of people are very vulnerable to a security lapse. Dozens of media reports document the increasing victimization of children by blackmail, rape, abduction and even murder because the industry didn’t secure their data. Law enforcement and children’s protection agencies now identify social media as a serious threat to child safety

Then, there is the online commercial exploitation of children when commercial websites gather and use children’s personal information for behavioral targeting.  There is no knowing the limits on how this data can be used, stored, or transferred, and corporations have too much influence over the play spaces of children and young persons

A lot of events in life are left to chance, but we do have the power to influence children’s technology use if we all come together and do it the right way.


What Can We Do?

Digital rights and privacy settings designed for adults do not work well for children. Instead, it endangers their safety. Predators, terrorist recruiter, and bullies sneak through digital loopholes to stalk unsuspecting children, and young persons, and it’s happening right now.

The Red Hood Project is calling on everyone to come together so we can do something about it. Let’s hold industry accountable to establish real safety standards that protect our kids.

The Red Hood Project seeks:

  • Age verification of child users
  • Disabled location and web browser tracking
  • Default privacy settings for children and youth
  • Firewall protection for children’s data online.

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Buy Lol Accounts: Protect Your Privacy During Gaming

Buy Lol Accounts: Protect Your Privacy During Gaming


You can always buy lol accounts but there is a faster way of creating a League of Legends (LoL) account. League of Legends is remarkable MOBA online game which is free and very captivating.

The LoL gameplay is quite simple, there are 3-5 teams in which a champion is being chosen. The main goal of this game is to advance through your opponent’s defense system and annihilate their HQ (Nexus) which lasts 20-40 minutes. Presently there are 83 champions accessible in LoL, but in other keep the game up to date and exciting a new champion is being introduced into the game once every 3-4 weeks.  Each champion has its distinct set of abilities, different status and base statistics which makes them very different from each other. During the gameplay, you get to upgrade your champion’s stats and boost its ability through items you purchase and better still make them more fitted to your specs.

LoL grants you experience and IP as you play more matches and this is a great opportunity for those who are interested in character customizations and level ups outside the match. The purpose of the experience is to enable you to level up your summoner and also IP enables you to purchase new champions and runes. Another goal of this game is to achieve the mastery level 30 which is the max level. As you approach level 30 there are mastery points and rune slots available to unlock. You can now Use those IP to purchase runes and use your mastery points to increase your characters stats such as defense, magic damage, attacks, etc.

Ready to become a LoL player?

LoL is quite similar to various other video games, however, the name used during the game is different from that which you signed up with. As the sign-up name is only used when Logging in.

GST Zero-Rating Provisions – Encouraging Child Security

GST Zero-Rating Provisions – Encouraging Child Security

The Asian country of Singapore is one of the known jurisdictions for foreign investors to start their business as well as their operational headquarters. Singapore has no natural resources as we know and the survival of her economy is dependent on both international trades and domestic intake of goods and services. GST, Goods & Services Tax, was introduced on the 1st of April, 1994 in Singapore. One objective behind the introduction of the GST system in Singapore was to promote and facilitate a change in focus to indirect taxation from direct taxation from the perspective of a revenue collector.

What categories of transactions relate to GST in Singapore? In simple English, the common rule is that GST is levied on (i) import of goods into Singapore and (ii) local consumption of goods plus services.

GST legislation is made up of many zero-rating offerings that efficiently promote GST at 0% under specifically prescribed situations. Despite the fact that these offerings may sound straightforward to apply, it should be noted that there are pitfalls that should be acknowledged by these entities. To this effect, any non-compliance as regards GST legislation could attract a big penalty from the Singapore tax authorities. There are two particular scenarios when it comes to the application of the zero-rating offerings. These include (i) the provision of international services to overseas persons and (ii) the export of goods out of Singapore.

Export of Goods out of Singapore

A GST registered establishment must make sure the goods in question have already been or will be exported out of Singapore for the application of zero-rating provisions to the export of goods out of the country. This intention must be made known at the moment when a sale happens.

Provision of International Services

A GST registered entity is permitted to zero-rate international services provision to an overseas establishment as long as specific conditions are met. One of the main conditions to fulfil is that services must be provided under a contract with an overseas establishment in addition to its being beneficial to the overseas entity directly.


Window Tinting Perth – Window Tints Providing Security for Your Family

Window Tinting Perth – Window Tints Providing Security for Your Family

Due to the fact that it is not feasible to remove the car window before tinting it, it is usually recommended that a pattern is made from some cheap materials like butcher paper. Once the previously mentioned pattern is cut to a perfect fit, it can be spread out on a cutting table and thereafter used to track cut lines close to a sheet of tinting film. Window tint comes in various degrees of coverage. You would have to find out about what style is legally allowed in which specific jurisdiction from your window tinting Perth service.

Windshield tinting is neglected most times, for instance, except for windshield tint close to the edges that do not block the vision of the driver. There are different varieties of tint, like fully reflective mirror tint or utterly black limo tint as well, to mention only a few instances. In a lot of instances, it is right to tint the back passenger compartments according to law to a deeper shade than what is obtainable for the front passenger side windows. The brain behind these sorts of restrictions is the law enforcement agencies.

Immediately a tint style has been opted for and subsequently trimmed to size, it is time to fix it on the window. The majority of the professional installers, like window tinting Perth, chose to work tint instead of spreading out a roll of carpet. They grease the window and fix the tint to the upper edge of the window before rolling it smoothly downwards as they toil to keep out random dirt or air bubbles from affecting the final product negatively. Squeegees and various pliable however stiff cards are still employed to straighten out the edges and fix the tint into the areas under the stripping in such a way that the tint covers completely irrespective of whether the window is down, up, or halfway open.


Protect Your Child’s Privacy – Crossword Quiz Answers and the Grid Style

Protect Your Child’s Privacy – Crossword Quiz Answers and the Grid Style

Crossword puzzles have given an engaging distraction to solvers since as far back as 1913 when the world’s first “word-cross” puzzle was released by Arthur Wynne. In the 1920s, the marvel of coming up with crossword quiz answers gathered momentum and incited colossal spikes in the sale of dictionaries, bringing forth clothing and jewelry that were crossword-patterned. Today it is evaluated that over 50 million individuals in the US solve crosswords on a daily basis.

The Grid

Throughout the years, crossword grids have built up some standard traditions. Obviously, there are exemptions to all rules, some of the requirements are as follows:

  • The black blocks that connote the beginning and ending of words must exhibit rotational symmetry, implying that they maintain a similar pattern when pivoted 180 degrees
  • Every word in the grid ought to be no less than three letters in length; no two-letter words permitted
  • Occasionally there is a greatest number of blocks permitted in the grid which allows an all the more totally open puzzle with lengthier words
  • Likewise, a lot of editors have a maximal word count which likewise requires grid outlines with at least three-letter words.

While to some degree limiting, these necessities still take into consideration an extensive assortment of grid outlines, some of which are artistically attractive.

The bar-style grid is an alternative to the block-style grid. Similar prerequisites apply, yet in these grids, the words are divided by thick bars rather than solid blocks. This implies each square in the matrix will be occupied by a letter and that the entry words appear squeezed together. One benefit of this style is that not any of the grid space is occupied by the blocks which are able to take in more content. Crossword quiz answers for either type of puzzle will be derived in the same way; the only variance is the graphical appearance.


Kim Dao YouTube: Enforcing Age Restriction on YouTube

Kim Dao YouTube: Enforcing Age Restriction on YouTube

There are currently thousands of YouTube channels competing for the consideration of the more than 1 billion active users on YouTube. With the most effective brands in the world moving from conventional advertising models to online video marketing methods, top YouTube influencers like Kim Dao YouTube are being sought after by MCNs, influencer marketing organizations, super tech organizations like Yahoo, and TV broadcast networks, all trying to use the connections amongst influencers and their fans.

Why Brands Engage With Leading YouTube Influencers

Marketing is evolving. A drop in TV viewership implies 30-second TV advertisement spots no longer get to the sections of the society or viewers they once did, and even banner ads and display marketing that used to be the panacea for a lot of online marketers, have been rendered useless by ad-blocking software. Consumers are now investing more energy in social media platforms than any time in recent memory.

As viewers look progressively more to the social media channels for guidance, entertainment, innovation, and knowledge, Kim Dao YouTube and other leading YouTube influencers are very much situated to touch loads of loyal fans with content that is brand supported and use the connections they have with fans to expand improve brand awareness and increase sales.

How Top YouTube Influencers and Companies Collaborate

There are a few compelling ways brands can partner with top YouTube influencers. A standout amongst the most widely recognized ways that brands work with leading YouTube influencers is by supporting video content where the YouTuber deftly fits in the organization’s name, products, or services into a video. This kind of brand-supported content may come up as a product placement, even though making a video around the product is a viable means for brands to announce a fresh product and use the impact a social media star has on their fans.


Ensuring Cyber-Safety – How to Select a Corporate Gift for Ladies

Ensuring Cyber-Safety – How to Select a Corporate Gift for Ladies

The process of finding the correct corporate gift is as crucial as any other feature of your marketing plan since times have evolved and there is an evident increase in the number of business decision makers that are women.

As far as the choice of ladies corporate gifts is concerned, it is important that the product should be what they can be able to buy themselves, won’t look out of place on an executive desk or in a designer handbag and is a matching colour to one of their outfits.

Ladies corporate gift items should never be packed in low-end boxes in such a way that they resemble ones from the local store, and neither should too much branding feature on the ladies corporate gift item you have opted for.

The completion of the ladies corporate gift item selection is basically the way you present the item and how it wrapped. Opt for ladies corporate gift items with a retail brand where possible at all times, ensure that the items are gift boxed well and are presented in gift item bags, and remember to include a hand written card that has a personal message for each gift that you give.

The art of ladies corporate gift giving is just like that of corporate gift selection, therefore, it is essential that you present the corporate gift item in a way that speaks volume about how elegant the gift is since you have already done a lot of work in choosing the perfect gift.

Normally, having listened to the advice to elegantly wrap the corporate gift item fully with gift card, presentation box, hand written message and tissue wrap, all that is left for you to do is wait for the perfect moment and hand over the gift item without minimal or any fuss so that there would be no cause for any awkwardness.


Cultivating Teenage Privacy – Choosing the Best Mattress for Back Pain

Cultivating Teenage Privacy – Choosing the Best Mattress for Back Pain

Aside from sleeplessness, not sleeping on the correct type of mattress could lead to chronic back pain and aches. In the event that you are suffering back pain, the incorrect mattress will further worsen the condition. Conversely, the best mattresses for back pain will offer huge assistance to you as regards sleeping well and waking up with a refreshed feeling.

Which is the best mattress for you to sleep on particularly if you are dealing with back pain? An answer is “none”.

It is dependent on the individual’s sleeping position, preference, lifestyle and medical condition, if any. No sleeping posture or single mattress is the best for everyone. What is right for one individual may be inefficient for another. With the different mattresses at your specialty bed stores and furniture malls, with everyone saying they are the best, picking the best mattresses for back pain is a real problem. Here are a few tips.

Sleeping Position and Matching Mattress

The mattress type that is best suitable for your body is dependent on your sleeping position to some extent. Therefore it is advisable to try various sleeping position types. The most suitable position to sleep in is led to by the back pain type you are suffering from and personal preferences. Crucially there are three popular sleep positions: on your stomach, on your sides, and on your back.

In the case of back sleepers, a small pillow under your knees will keep the general curve on your back and limit the stress on the spine. This is normally the most effective position with the mattress that provides the back with correct support. Sleeping on your stomach requires a firmer support surface to avoid spinal distortion that could cause back pain.

Side sleepers are dependent on pressure points as their weights rest on the smallest parts of the body thus resulting in bad circulation. A bolster within their knees will go a long way in helping them to limit stress. A mattress with a plush and softer feel would be the preference here.


Child Safety On The Internet – Photos of Couples in Paris On www.jleal.eu

Child Safety On The Internet – Photos of Couples in Paris On www.jleal.eu

Irrespective of whether you know all of Paris or if this happens to be your first time in the world’s most romantic city, a Paris photo shoot gives you the extraordinary chance to take pictures of your exceptional adventure. A showcase of fotos de parejas en Paris en www.jleal.eu captured recently shows amazing photographs of couples during photo sessions for wedding anniversaries, engagements, weddings, and honeymoons.

How about we discover together the most significant steps for putting together the best photograph session in Paris with emphasis on likely locations for your Paris photo shoot and what you ought to do thereafter.

Before you begin, remember that every photographer has a distinct style. Furthermore, costs and the decision you will make ought to be propelled by the conviction that his style keys in with your taste rather than your wallet. Don’t compromise, always have it at the back of your mind that you are investing in memories that are timeless. Likewise, recall that Paris is a wonderful city where you can go anyplace and get marvelous shots in the romantic air and warm atmosphere. However, while every Paris photographer has their top choices, here is a broad rundown of the locations normally suggested for a photo session:

  • Eiffel Tower, Champs de Mars
  • Alexandre III bridge
  • Trocadero with a view of the Eiffel Tower
  • The Tuileries Garden
  • Bir Hakeim bridge
  • Palais-Royal
  • The Louvre Museum
  • Notre Dame area cathedral
  • The “place de la Concorde”
  • The Moulin Rouge
  • Sacré Coeur/Montmartre area

These are the most popular spots for photo shoots in Paris.

As soon as your photo shoot ends, you will, in all likelihood, be eager to see the outcome. Check out these fotos de parejas en Paris en www.jleal.eu. Once your photos are ready, your Paris photographer will send them to you through an online private gallery. Every photographer has a distinct style of distribution, however, the general method is to send you a link with the photos to view and download.


Child Privacy – Impact and Features of Accounting Software for Business

Child Privacy – Impact and Features of Accounting Software for Business

There are different types of hi-tech accounting software for business which could be of immense benefits to establishments around the world. Accounting software packages might be created according to industry-specific locations and needs, but there are some main elements that have to be considered when it comes to accounting software.

General Ledger Management

It can be very hard to balance general ledgers when every financial period ends. Things can turn out to be cumbersome at a fast pace, particularly if your software can’t integrate transactions from different accounts. Thorough accounting software ensures that it is simple to look after the various books of account that impact on vital business operations such as payroll, account receivables, sales, and account payables.

Cash Flow Management

Cash flow requirements have to be monitored constantly. There would be times that companies won’t be able to produce cash when it is needed.  In the same vein, too much cash investment could limit the progress of a business establishment, therefore, it is vital to constantly monitor business cash flows.

Financial Projections

Financial projections play an essential role in determining the future route for any establishment. Future expenditure and revenue projections from management could possibly be overestimated however a contemporary accounting software for establishments could make future estimations based on the real data made available.

Integration with Merchant Payment Processing

A lot of business establishments are dependent on the modern e-commerce systems when it comes to receiving payments. These payments could be received via merchant payment processing system. Modern accounting software for business should be able to record every transaction made with the assistance of a merchant payment processing system.

Capital Asset Management

Capital assets such as equipment, furniture, vehicles and other fixed types have to be recorded on the basis of cost. Business establishments need to buy and sell assets as well. This asset management includes many complex financial transactions such as trading new assets to replace old ones, altering depreciation methods, etc. These can be achieved with ease via accounting and modern payroll software packages.


Air Fittings Basics: Pneumatic Systems and Prevention of Online Bullying

Air Fittings Basics: Pneumatic Systems and Prevention of Online Bullying

For quite a long time the vast majority thought you must be a huge full-time auto repair shop be very rich to own an air system with air fittings. Luckily for the consumer of today, putting together an air system is quite reasonable and quick. You can begin with the rudiments and slowly include instruments as they are required.

What You Need: The Basics

  • Hose
  • Air compressor
  • Air tools
  • Regulator and Gauges

Next Step: Selecting the Right Compressor

While picking the compressor, you ought to have at the top of the priority list the sort of devices you’ll be utilizing. There ought to be a tag on the compressor that rates the “Air Delivery”. Also, on your air tool, there is another number, this number is known as the “Air Requirement” number. You should simply ensure the compressor’s “Air Delivery” number is bigger than the “Air Requirement” number on the device or instruments that you’ll be utilizing.

Next Step: Selecting the Appropriate Air Fittings

There are two sorts of fittings for air tools. Automotive and Industrial. These two sorts of fittings are not interchangeable. You’ll need to choose before purchasing constituents which style you require. You’ll likewise need to figure out which dimensions of fitting you need. Fittings are measured using the inside diameter (usually referred to as ID). Make sure to pick the same NPT number on your tool’s air inlet as the NPT number of the fitting.

Next Step: Choosing the Hose System

You could simply get by with air hoses laying everywhere, except that is risky and it makes your shop or garage look messy. You ought to put resources into either a coil hose or a reel storage framework on the off chance that you won’t be a long way from the compressor.